Please do refer to the application notes.

Welcome to the online application form for the 2022 Daiwa Scholarships. You can leave the application form at any time by clicking on the 'Save and Exit' button at the bottom of the form pages. You will be able to log back in to a partially completed form by entering your email address and password.

You will be asked to elaborate on the following: personal and contact details, educational background and attainment, employment history, international experience, career goals (150 words maximum), reasons for applying (500 words maximum), additional skills, convictions, medical conditions and previous applications. You will also be asked to upload a passport-sized photograph (headshot).

You will also need to submit three reference letters by the application deadline (refeeres can email the reference letters to us as PDF attachments, on letterheaded paper and from a work email address - without copying in the applicant - to

If you are a student or a recent graduate, then all three references should come from your academic tutors. If you graduated some years ago or have relevant professional experience, then it is advisable to obtain a reference from your supervisor or line manager, for example, and at least one academic reference. Your referees should not include relatives or purely personal friends. The references are a vital part of the application and should come from people who know you and your work in an official capacity.

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