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Welcome to the online application form for Daiwa Foundation Small Grants and Daiwa Foundation Awards (September 2024 round). You can leave the application form at any time by clicking on the 'Save and Exit' button at the bottom of the form pages. You will be able to log back in to return to a partially completed form.

You will be asked to elaborate on the following: contact details for the applicant and project partners where applicable, your project timeframe, your grant request budget and total project costs, your project's background (300 words maximum), your project's summary (300 words maximum) and your project's outcomes/benefits (300 words maximum). You will also be able to upload a timetable/itinerary, CVs (no more than two pages please) and budget breakdown for your entire project.

It doesn't matter if you upload documents in the wrong section (ie a CV in the itinerary section).

Please note that successful applications are unlikely to receive the full amount that they request, so that we may be able to fund as many applications as possible.

We primarily fund flights between the UK and Japan (capped at £1,000) & subsistence costs (capped at £100 per person per day to cover accommodation & living expenses) and cannot fund retrospectively.

The minimum Small Grant request is £2,000, the maximum request is £9,000.The minimum Award request is £9,000, the maximum request is £18,000.

We award an average of £3,000 to £4,000 to successful Small Grant applications and in the region of £9,000 to successful Award applications.

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